Stakecube Review 2021 – Is it worth it?


Are you interested in Stakecube? Here is a Stakecube review for you! The review of stakecube includes four parts: general information, fees, deposit methods, pros and cons.


Stakecube Pros and Cons


Stakecube Pros

  • A faucet so that you can find the swimming pool without saving
  • Professional team
  • 7% interest per annum on coins that cannot be deposited
  • Internal exchange

Stakecube Cons

  • You don’t have a private key (not your key, not your coin)
  • In 2018, 13 BTCs were stolen from the stakecube
  • The layout is not very beautiful (but the most important thing is the inner beauty)

Stakecube  Overview


Stakecube is an exchange registered in Germany. As far as we know, there are two exchanges in Germany: nagax and

As some of its advantages, stakecube mentioned on its website that it is automated and managed, has no “requirements” and is community-based. Under “no requirements”, the platform explained that it has a user-friendly interface, which is transparent and secure. Of course, user experience, transparency and security are extremely important factors when choosing a trading platform.

According to the information on the platform website on October 7, 2019, the platform has 27000 users. This is quite impressive. The platform also supports 45 coins and 11 team members participate in the project.

The exchange does not explicitly prohibit U.S. investors from trading. Therefore, we believe that American investors can trade here.

The platform currently has more than 50000 members, lists more than 50 coins in its own exchange, and is composed of 10 developers. Currently, there are 11 applications on the stakecube, including mining, voting, games, cold nodes, hot nodes and exchanges, which can be used with internal coin SCC.

How does the Stakecube work?


Stakecube also has its native token, stakecube coin (SCC). SCC is a master node. If you hold SCC masternodes, you will gain some advantages in the trading platform and other parts of the stakecube ecosystem. Providing benefits to local exchange token holders is a common way for exchanges to encourage their users to buy exchange tokens.

Different transactions all have different trading views. There is no “this overview is the best” view. You should decide which trading view is best for you. What these views usually have in common is that they all display the order book or at least part of the order book, the price list of the selected cryptocurrency, and the order history. They also usually have trading boxes. Before you choose an exchange, try to look at the trading view so that you can be sure it is right for you. At the date of writing this comment (October 7, 2019), we were unable to obtain a picture of the Stakecube transaction view.


The stakecube is a central platform for betting on betable cryptocurrencies, such as pivx, RDD or SCC of the platform itself. The platform provides the possibility of participating in the sharing of master nodes. You do not need the full amount of the corresponding cryptocurrency (usually equivalent to 1000 coins), only a small amount. According to this principle, you can only make money by holding coins in the stakecube. In addition to piling and sharing master nodes, the stakecube provides other products.

Faucet – free coin

Another really great thing is that stakecube gives a small amount of coins free to its community every 24 hours. This process enables providers to present their coins and items to the Stakecube community. Some of these coins also represent community donations in support of the platform.


Through the provider meatec, you can also purchase computing power from the stakecube with SCC coins. The income is credited to the user account every day and can be deducted at any time.


The new product hot and coldnodes provides its customers with fully managed master node operation options. You deposit the collateral in the stakecube of hotnode and activate your own masternode by clicking. Payment through SCC again is another exciting use case. With coldnodes, coins will be left in your wallet. The Stakecube only operates the masternode on the VPS. You can connect to the VPS through a key. With coldnodes, coins will stay with you, and the stakecube will operate the server for you.

Is the stakecube legit or a scam?


The people behind the stakecube are well known and can be contacted. In our opinion, the possibility of fraud is very low. However, no one should leave too many coins on the external platform. From our point of view, this proposal looks very serious, and the behavior of the platform after the hacker attack (compensating users for all losses) shows that it is a scam.

We collect various services suggested by users, and we have nothing to do with the latter (including Stakecube), so it is not responsible for any possible wrong behavior.

We also do not force or invite anyone to register, so the use of various businesses presented (including stakecube) should be regarded as the independent and conscious choice of individuals who assume all responsibilities and decide to open positions in the business.

Stakecube key features

Stakecube makes money through “encrypted betting”, which means that they compete to verify public blockchain transactions and receive commissions. In order to win the verification “bid”, the bet requires a minimum amount of cryptocurrency, so your stakecube deposit will be used to achieve this goal, and the profit of winning the bid will be shared with users in the form of interest.

How to make money from Stakecube?


The first thing to do after registration is to add a wallet for the cryptocurrency we are interested in to get our personal address, and then use it like any wallet, but the difference is that here, they pay interest on the coins we deposit every day. To earn interest, there is a minimum amount. For example, you must have 0.00050000/bitcoin, 0.0500000/dash, etc. You can claim some cryptocurrencies every 24 hours every day. There is also a mining service. You buy GH / s, and you are even interested in it every day. For more experienced people, you can also do node or masternode. You don’t need experience in these aspects. In fact, this is a shared pool. There is also an exchange.

Now it’s refreshing to claim that some cryptocurrency is stacked in your wallet. I told myself that you can play PAC Mac. Maybe you have enough luck to receive the award. wait a minute! If you do not pay 0.5 SCC, that is, the native token of the stakecube, you cannot participate in the game. I believe the team needs to provide this part for free, which will make people stay on the website longer. Who doesn’t like playing games for free and receiving encryption in your precious time?

This concept already exists in many blockchain games. The concept of the game is to make money without investment.

Stakecube deposit


The trading platform does not accept any other way of deposit other than cryptocurrency deposit. This means that new crypto investors cannot trade here. If you do not have any cryptocurrency but still want to start trading on this exchange, you must first buy cryptocurrency from another exchange and then deposit it here as a second step.

We can withdraw coins at any time in the Stakecube without payment restrictions. We can also transfer coins between users, just write down the user name or convert in the exchange. To extract, simply go to the encryption you want to extract and click extract here to enter the extraction page.

Stakecube Wallet

The stakecube maintains multiple nodes to ensure high security. Small balances are kept in so-called transfer wallets for payment, withdrawal and distribution of deposits. The main share is guaranteed by a cold wallet or bet wallet that is not linked to the website and cannot be accessed from any third party.

The stakecube core wallet is a wallet that matches the stakecube coin. You only need this wallet if you want to store stakecube coins on your computer or operate your masternodes. The stakecube platform does not necessarily require your own stakecube core wallet. Of course, there is no harm in downloading the core wallet and managing it.

StakeCube withdrawal


What about the withdrawal fee? Withdrawal fees vary depending on the encrypted assets you withdraw, but they are usually a fixed amount of the relevant encrypted assets rather than a percentage based on transaction fees. According to the empirical research of, the industry average BTC extraction cost is 0.0006 BTC.

Here, in the stakecube, you only need to pay the network fee, and the miners pay the network fee in order to confirm the transactions on the relevant blockchain. The network cost depends on the network pressure at the time of extraction. This is a very competitive withdrawal charging system.

Stakecube affiliate program


Typically, the stakecube sets the master node for its members. The server is operated and maintained by the provider stakecube. Wallet updates and corresponding blockchain updates are also fully included in the operator’s management. An account using the stakecube also allows users to avoid having to use an open and active wallet on their computer. The income of the master node is directly credited and immediately participates in the betting process. Mathematically, this will produce a good compound interest effect.

Is stakecube worth it?


The exchange provides a unified transaction fee of 0.10%. This means that the recipient (i.e. the person who places an order to match or “accept” an existing order) and the market maker (the person who places an order to provide market liquidity) pay the same fee: 0.10%. 0.10% lower than the industry average. The industry average is about 0.25%. Therefore, transaction cost is the competitive advantage of stakecube.


Security issues are very important in the stakecube. Unfortunately, the platform has been hacked twice – the first shortly after launch and the second in early 2020. Despite the serious damage, operators can still repay the credit of all users and continue to operate. These attacks are the learning curve of operators, who then improve security through cold wallets. As a user, you should always be careful to use such a central platform without a private key.

Stakecube Review 2021 – Is it worth it?

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