SimpleBits Review 2021 – Is it worth it?


Is SimpleBits worth it? SimpleBits Review for you! These are difficult times for trusted websites. You don’t know what is legal, what is paid, and what you can take the time to do. In this review, we will see whether it is worth it. I spent a lot of time doing research on different websites, only those with high trust and proof of payment. Today I will introduce

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SimpleBits Pros and Cons


SimpleBits pros

  • Win up to 100000 coins per revolution
  • Simple and smooth user interface, almost no advertising
  • 1% loyalty bonus per day, up to 100% for each day you file a claim

SimpleBits cons

  • The mining game was cancelled, followed by members’ months of time and coin investment
  • Reduced faucet claims: mostly 1 piece per 12 hours, except in high-end countries overview

The platform claims to provide a variety of revenue options. In appearance, SimpleBits is just a well-designed website. We must give them the trust they deserve. They have an intuitive interface.

That’s all they have, because their investment choices are not close to real transactions. Stay away from this absurd encrypted investment platform because the return on investment does not happen. No one has evidence of withdrawing funds from the platform.

On their home page, there is a call to action where you can play games. The game helps you earn bitcoin as a reward. We haven’t seen this type of encryption investment scheme for some time. Games now seem to be a new field for crypto fraud artists.

Once you join the simulator, you are likely to be blackmailed. This is a problem that most members have been facing over the past few months.

How does SimpleBits work?


SimpleBits is a relatively small faucet / quote revenue website with some game elements – you can compete for the share of virtual mining pool, complete the survey, or click on the faucet every 30 minutes. Although I have been on this website for some time, I only recently learned about some more complex functions. To be honest, I have been having a good time with my in-depth study of it.

A 30 minute faucet, PTC, short links and offerwalls (including theoremeach, my personal favorite survey provider) are included on the website. These will be paid in tokens, which are the main currency of the website. 100 tokens worth $0.01.

Tokens can be used to lease “hardware” to provide return on investment for your tokens. These tokens generate binding tokens, which can not be used for further hardware leasing, but can be cashed. They also provide an upgrade to your mining statistics, which will be discussed later.

Is SimpleBits legit or a scam?


SimpleBits is not a licensed entity and does not guarantee the security of funds. Your money is at risk, and when things get worse, no regulator will protect you. Without any address, we do not know the jurisdiction of the website.

However, we have conducted thorough verification with authorities around the world. No official regulator has heard of this platform. The website has been in operation for more than a year without any valid license.

Once you deposit on such a website, there is no commitment to consumer protection. Owners do what they want, including blocking accounts. As we said, this is the platform most users face. is an unregulated investment company. The problem with unregulated investment companies is that they are unreliable and abuse regulation. Be sure to stay away from this investment company because they are anonymous and they may disappear at any time without notice.

In order to ensure that you deal with a regulated and well-known investment company, you should be able to easily find out who is the CEO of the investment company, who is running the company, etc. Lack of information is a big danger sign because you don’t know who will handle your money. That’s why is a dangerous investment company.

Main Features of SimpleBits


  • SimpleBits offers suspicious bitcoin related investment opportunities – this is obviously a scam!
  • SimpleBits is very shy about important contact information – be careful!
  • SimpleBits lacks the proper license to provide its services – this is a huge danger signal!
  • SimpleBits’s domain name has only recently been registered – another unpleasant detail!

SimpleBits registration


It’s easy to open an account on this platform. You only need an email address, name and actual address. On their terms of service page, we have a question about terminating the account.

How to get free cryptocurrency from

After logging into the account, we need to scroll down to the faucet page. We can see three coins, followed by a green button that says to claim the faucet.

Alternatively, we can click the menu at the top, which says earn tokens, and then click the first faucet from the drop-down menu. Either of these two options will take us to the faucet page shown in the previous picture.

On the faucet page, we can scroll down. Usually, there will be a 12 second timer. When the countdown is over, it will become a declaration button with scroll written on it.

We can click it and it will scroll a 4-digit lucky number, which will determine how many tokens we will get. The reward is between 5 tokens, and the minimum possible reward is 20 tokens.

On the right, we can see a table about the correlation between lucky numbers and rewards. Basically, every 666 steps, we will get an rxtra token.

For example, if we roll 1, we will get 5 tokens, but if we roll 666, we will get an additional 1 or 6 tokens. The table also shows that each account level will increase the lucky number by 10.

If our current level is 10, the lucky number will increase by 100 points. So, if we throw 600, the basic reward is 5 tokens, but at level 10, the last throw of 700, we will get 6 tokens.


By continuing to use and profit from, we will improve our level and have the opportunity to obtain higher returns. However, the maximum reward per volume is still 20 tokens, whether there is a level bonus or not.

This is the claim process. They used to use solve media’s verification code system, but now they say they use invisible verification codes.

After we complete the claim, the claim button will be replaced by a timer. We need to wait 40 minutes before we can repeat the process and claim again.

For each faucet claim, we will also get 10 experience points to upgrade. Deposit


I will first discuss the deposit function. accrpts deposits in bitcoin only. Deposits will be credited as bound tokens, not tokens. More information about binding tokens.

There are at least 10000 bound tokens or about $1. If we deposit less than $1, we will not be able to deposit money into the account.

To deposit, we can click the euser name again and then click the deposit menu from the drop-down menu. First, we can enter the number of binding tokens before the generate address button is activated.

The page also says we have an hour window. I think we need to make a remittance within 1 hour after generating the deposit address.

Moreover, it seems that we can only deposit if the amount is correct. If we click the generate address button, the page will accurately tell us the bitcoin account and address to transfer.

Technically, we can still use as a bitcoin wallet to accept payment. But considering this complex process, I don’t recommend it.

In addition, there is no copy button or QR code scanning. We must check it again before transfer.

How to withdraw on SimpleBits?


Assuming that we have set the payment ID and have the least bound tokens to withdraw, we can now submit a withdrawal request. At the top of the withdrawal page, we can first select the payment method.

Next, we need to enter the number of binding tokens to be extracted. The minimum value is 10000 binding tokens, and the page will automatically calculate the conversion to bitcoin or dogecoin.

Then, you just need to click the exit button to continue. The request is immediately listed in the payment history at the bottom of the page.

SimpleBits Referral program


There is a referral program that pays a 25% commission. Alliance marketers are angry at the fact that the platform does not pay commissions. The victims also accused these subsidiary bodies of pointing them in the wrong direction.

There is also a link under the “more” section at the bottom of the page. This will take us to a page similar to the previous picture. The link is a yellow font color in the middle, with “HTTPS”.

SimpleBits is a good long-term passive income plan. But they may need to improve and provide more profitable options.


simplebits-review-2021-is-it-worth-it is another cryptocurrency tap program. We can apply every 40 minutes. If this is your favorite tea. You can never retire on your profits, but you can play an interesting game and earn some pocket money. Withdrawal is lower than many other websites, and the return on investment through hardware tokens is also attractive. I sincerely recommend SimpleBits to anyone who likes to dabble in faucets / firewalls. Also, if you already use SimpleBits but don’t know how to use all of them, I hope this short guide will help.

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SimpleBits Review 2021 – Is it worth it?

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