Hashing 24 Review 2021 – Is it worth it?


Is hashing 24 legit or a scam? Is it safe enough to use? This Hashing 24 Review can help you! The team behind hashing24 has been involved in cloud mining for the past five years. On the other hand, the hashing24 mining service was launched in 2016. This is a common misunderstanding. People think that the actual service date is 2012, but this is not the case. The company is headquartered in Glasgow, UK. In addition to its headquarters in Scotland, hashing24 also has representative offices in Thailand and Ukraine.

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Hashing 24 pros and cons


Hashing 24 pros

  • Flexible planning
  • Two-step authentication
  • Access bitfury data center
  • No power cap
  • Daily expenditure
  • 100% uptime guarantee

Hashing 24 Cons


  • Not applicable to U.S. residents
  • BTC mines only
  • The contract price is high. Newcomers to cloud mining services may think the first $18 investment is too big.

Hashing 24 Overview


Bitfury has officially confirmed its relationship with hashing24, thus stopping allegations of potential fraud. In the long run, bitfury is one of the world’s leading developers of blockchain based software and mining hardware. It was the original hashpower supplier of hashing24, and later its business scope expanded to many other companies.

Hashing 24’s service has many advantages, including:


  • Attractive electricity and maintenance prices;
  • Preferential prices;
  • The company is responsible for equipment maintenance and nutrition;
  • The mining process begins immediately after registration and payment.
  • Obtain the most modern and powerful equipment;
  • Leasing part of the world’s largest mining data processing center;
  • Customers can sign insurance payment contracts;

How does hashing 24 work?


It’s actually very simple. After receiving your payment and placing your order, your personal data will be updated and your contract will be added to the system. Your order consists of two parts:

  • Equipment daily maintenance and power supply costs.
  • There is also a one-time payment for power distribution.

Registration takes only a few minutes. You can choose to register with your email address, or you can speed up the registration process and connect through your Facebook or Google + account. With hashing24, you can link your bitcoin wallet to your account. If you don’t have or want a new wallet to store coins excavated with hashing24, you can easily create a wallet during registration.

After registering, you can choose how many hashpower you want to buy. The only strict condition is that you must buy at least 100 GH / s.

Is hashing 24 legit or a scam?


Hashing24 is a legitimate company that provides the most popular cryptocurrency bitcoin cloud mining service. The company has been in operation since 2016, and its project team has been committed to the cryptocurrency market since 2012. To date, hashing24 has offices in the UK, Thailand and Ukraine.

Once your payment is processed, your contract will be displayed on your profile and your hashpower order will be sent to bitfury mining data center. Thanks to the cooperation with bitfury, hashing24 provides you with the opportunity to visit the data centers in Iceland and Georgia. Unfortunately, U.S. residents cannot access these data centers and are not allowed to use hashing24 services at present.

Hashing 24 features


  • You can mine bitcoin 5 minutes after establishing the necessary technical foundation;
  • The service only uses the most modern and mature equipment partners;
  • Round the clock technical support;
  • Alliance Plan;
  • Preferential price of 36 month contract;
  • Stable daily payments;
  • Demo mining mode allows you to try mining without investing money;
  • Use a calculator to calculate profitability;
  • The most favorable and affordable electricity price and leased equipment;

How to register on Hashing 24


To start working on this platform, you must register. To do this, click the register button in the upper right corner.

To register, please fill in the following fields: valid email address; A password consisting of at least eight characters, including numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters of Latin letters.

Hashing24 takes various measures to ensure the maximum security of its customers. During the registration process, you will receive a pin code, which is required for its two-step authentication process. Each customer must pass two-step authentication unless they ask to disable it.

The company doesn’t set an upper limit on the maximum hashpower you can buy, and it doesn’t have an expiration date. In addition to the actual hash, you will also charge corresponding maintenance fees, including electricity, cooling system, hosting service and maintenance work.

How to profit from hashing 24?


Mining plan:

Before discussing the details of this hashing24 comment, we would like to point out two important things – the company specializes in working with bitcoin. Therefore, people interested in other cryptocurrencies (such as Ethereum) must now wait for this choice. Second, the company only sells newly mined coins to you, which you can verify with any available block explorer. Enter the mining plan now.

With these people, you can choose to build a custom plan by renting an exact number of hashing capabilities or spending only a certain number of hashing capabilities. This means that there are quite a number of contracts available according to your preference, and this setting works well considering that the company has not introduced any significant changes in this area to date. Therefore, there is no fixed contract, and the payment method and hashing ability depend on your choice. You can find some sample contracts on the web for reference and comparison with other existing cloud mining services.


The old relationship between your hashpower and bitcoin mining also applies. The more hashpower you buy, the more work you can put into discovering new blocks, so you will receive more coins. All customers of hashing24 get 100% uptime guarantee, which means you will never encounter hardware crash, slow down or complete collapse of its platform.

The company also provides a “reinvestment” function, which allows you to buy additional hashing functions with newly mined coins. Click the “reinvestment” button, and you will automatically place an order for the maximum allowable contract quantity.

Hashing24 is a cloud mining contract provider created by professionals for beginners and experts in the mining industry. The hashing24 team has been involved in the mining business since 2012. Its original mining power supplier was bitfury, one of the industry leaders.


Hashing24 is an online bitcoin mining service, which can pay you a fixed fee, allow you to create an account and mine bitcoins on your behalf. Compared with most other cryptocurrency mining service providers we encounter, hashing 24 does not provide short-term contracts, but emphasizes providing high-quality services to its investors.

Hashing24 does not own its own mining facilities or servers, but selects the most reliable and reputable mining company to meet its mining needs. They ensure that the company used guarantees their equipment and its maintenance. Hashing24 is using bitfury, one of the leaders in the mining industry.

Then, the third step of the registration process will require investors to deposit further bitcoin to obtain a secondary contract that will cover their expected daily return on investment and provide them with more expected information about the service. The order will then be sent to bitfury, which is said to be a mining data center headquartered outside Europe.

The last two steps of the registration process are relatively simple and are completed by the independent mining process. The process starts with the contract expected by the customer, and then is completed when the customer receives the newly mined bitcoin every day.


Payment method:

If the charges in the user account are marked as forged, they have the right to stop the transaction immediately without giving any warning to the individual. If the customer wants to solve the problem, the payment process begins. If not, they have the right to delete personal accounts and permanently stop trading.

Confidentiality and responsibility control:

Customer privacy is their primary concern. All important details should be kept confidential. They only provide personal details when requested by legal institutions for specific customers. There are no other third parties involved in personal information.

They are never responsible for any type of claim. This includes minor and major hazards. They are not responsible for bribery or loss of any website.

Hash 24 withdrawal


First, before starting the withdrawal process, remember that at the time of writing, the minimum amount of withdrawal was 0.002 BTC. Here is a simple exit procedure.

  • Sign in to your account
  • Go to menu item ‘Balance – Withdrawal’
  • Choose the type of coins
  • Enter amount
  • Choose your wallet (or enter a new wallet)
  • Click on the ‘Withdraw’ button
  • Check your email inbox, you will receive an email with a confirmation link
  • Click on the confirmation link
  • Our minimum withdrawal amount is 0.002 BTC

You can request a withdrawal at any time. Withdrawal requests are processed the next day after the request has been placed at 0.00(UTC).

Hash 24 Affiliate Program


The hash 24 Referral program consists of 8 levels, which means you will be able to get a higher membership commission to recommend more sales.

1. Blog


3. Use social networks

4. Comment on popular websites/blogs

5. Exchange at the Forum






We have covered the timeless contract that makes hashing24 mining stand out in the market. Two types of legal mining (new coins only!) Unrestricted access allows the company’s mining process without additional pressure and pressure.

Not ready for real mining? Hashing24 provides a demonstration of mining. Here, you can try different options, play games on the website and understand the basic principles of mining without risking your own money.

Hashing 24 Review 2021 – Is it worth it?

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