Fautsy Review 2021 – Is it worth it?


Do you want to earn free cryptocurrency online? This Fautsy Review may help you know more about how to get free crypto online. Fautsy is an online faucet website. By solving a simple verification code, you can breed 6 Satoshi every 5 minutes.

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Fautsy Pros and Cons

Fautsy Pros

  • Payment is immediate
  • Solve a simple verification code from the faucet claim
  • Complete the short link of the attached faucet reward
  • The robot automates the process of making money, allowing users to collect a small amount of coins without doing anything.

Fautsy Cons

  • Faucet owners and micro wallet providers are making progress in detecting robots. If your robot is discovered or even suspected, you will lose any accumulated income, but you still need to pay any fees required by the robot manufacturer.
  • Tragedy of the Commons – this is a typical case of tragedy of the commons, that is, personal interests outweigh long-term interests. Some people say that robots kill faucets because advertisers don’t want to pay CPM (the usual payment method for faucet advertising). If they know that real people are not watching their advertising, it will eventually hurt faucet users by paying lower fees and using fewer faucets.

Fautsy overview


Fautsy fautsy is one of the many faucets found on the Internet. It is very simple to use. There are not too many pop-up windows when waiting for the claim for 5 minutes. The charge is 7 Satoshi every 5 minutes. There is no difficulty or complexity. It’s worth working with fotz when doing other things.

There is no profile page about the owner or the program itself. On faucethub. IO, it’s easy to know how many programs the same owner is managing. We can contact the owner through private information, or if they open a post on the forum, we can ask them directly.

How does fautsy work?


Bitcoin faucet program is the main function of fautsy.com and its website. From the tap program, anyone can earn free cryptocurrency and do almost nothing. We should at least click one button to make money.

For those who need more, we may not need to solve some verification codes, view more advertisements, click more buttons or browse some pages. Considering how little effort we put in, we can’t get much in return.

It’s easy to apply for free cryptocurrency from fautsy.com. But for those unfamiliar with cryptocurrency, bitcoin, wallet or faucet programs, the process can be a bit confusing. It involves using several different websites.

Is fautsy legit or a scam?

Fautsy is a paid website. This is a legit platform that allows you to earn bitcoin!

Fautsy features


  • Fautsy offers 6 free Satoshi for your faucethub account every 5 minutes. It uses the verification code to verify the claim.
  • Fautsy offers a 30% Recommendation Commission.
  • You can apply every 6 minutes and you will receive 5-100 Satoshi.

The main features of Fautsy

Fautsy has a very similar model, which distributes 6 to 100 Satoshi every 5 minutes. If you calculate, you can get 100 to 10000 Satoshi by entering the verification code every hour. To start earning free bitcoin on this site, you need to disable Adblock or other ad blocking extensions.

How to register on Fautsy?

To accept payment from fautsy.com, we need two things, a bitcoin wallet address and a faucetpay.io account, and a micro wallet service. The payment will be sent from fautsy.com to faucetpay. After we reach a certain amount, we can send the payment from faucetpay to the bitcoin wallet address.

We need to copy the bitcoin address and use it on faucetpay and fautsy. The next step is to open an account on faucetpay.io.

If you already have a faucetpay.io account, you can register directly with your address.

How to earn free cryptocurrency from fautsy?


First, you need to enter your facetpay account address. Then, basically, every five minutes, you need to solve a very simple verification code that I have never seen before: you need to click in a ball, and the ball moves in a small banner. Then, the verification will appear only after the verification lasts for a few seconds. Well, only at this point can you click the claim reward instead of before, otherwise the claim will not be accepted. It’s all done in a few seconds. Obviously, faucy paid with Satoshi. Satoshi will deposit it into the micro wallet faucetpay. Once a claim is filed, Satoshi will send it immediately. I find it very simple and useful when you stand in front of the computer and do other things. Even if you have to file a claim at least 10 times a day, 70 Satoshi will be added to facetpay at the end of the day.


We can scroll down a little to find a white box where we can paste the wallet address linked to faucetpay.io.

The box is located between two square banner ads, which will display your bitcoin address.

From here on, we must choose. Either apply immediately and get a basic bonus, or we can increase some bonuses by visiting the link.

The next step is how to earn extra money. We can skip this part and go directly to the next step.

To get the bonus, on the same page, we need to click the “claim additional + 5 bonus” button. From the above figure, the button is located between the second square banner advertisement and the Yellow claim reward button.

If we click it, the next page we see is similar to the picture below. The page will look like the previous one, but in the middle of the two square banner ads, we will see a current logP.

Click the logo and the page will send us a short link page from bitax.io, as shown in the second picture below.

As we can see, there is a verification code system from Google reCAPTCHA. We need to solve this problem by clicking on the small white box until we get the free check mark.

After that, we need to click the pull button under the advertisement in the middle square, which says click here to continue. The next page will have a 10 second timer and we need to wait for the get link button to appear.

We can click this link and it will take us back to fautsy.com. On the fautsy.com page, the current icon logo will be replaced by a statement issued by free, which says “great!”+ Increase 5 Satoshi bonuses in the next claim.

Now we can scroll down on the page and click the yellow button showing “back to the faucet”. The next step is to take it out of the faucet.

After receiving the bonus, we will enter the homepage of fautsy.com again. We now need to click the Yellow claim reward button.

Before doing this, make sure to check again whether the bitcoin wallet address has been entered in the white box on the page. If we click the yellow button, a pop-up window will appear.

The window will have two verification code systems or one system with anti robot. We need to solve these two problems. By default, the verification code uses solve media, but we can switch to reCAPTCHA if necessary.

For the second verification code or anti robot system, we need to click these four words in the order described above. Every time we click on the word, it disappears. When all buttons are clicked, the last button is displayed.

We can now click this button to get paid. The next page will return to fautsy.com again, but an announcement will be issued at that time. It says 16 Satoshi was sent to you through faucetpay.io.

If we try to reload the page 5 minutes ago to declare again, the resulting announcement will be replaced by another statement that says you must wait 5 minutes.

It is a countdown timer that will automatically reload the page once the timer starts. Then, we can repeat the process in the above steps to earn more.

How to withdrawal on Fautsy?


You can view the payment status on faucetpay.io. The only way to know if we can get paid from fautsy.com is to check our fautcetpay.io account. From the user dashboard, we can scroll down to find the payment report, as shown in the figure below.

We can see the remuneration and amount we get from which faucet project. If the above said is received from fautsy.com, or any program we use, it means that the program is actually paying.

The question is how to extract the bitcoin we earn from faucetpay.io into our bitcoin wallet. We must reach the minimum before we can withdraw money.

We can see from the faucetpay.io page that there is a help menu. A drop-down list will appear and we can visit the charges page to find the minimum and withdrawal charges.

We can continue to make money from fautsy.com. If we don’t want to wait five minutes, we can also use all their sister websites.

Fautsy.com and their team were among the first to migrate to this new micro wallet. Some people even said, but I can’t confirm that faucetpay.io is also a member of their team.

Fautsy Referral Program

Fautsy.com or any faucet program is actually very low. They are only a few pence. Some people may think they are not worth their time.

Through the provision of subsidiary bodies or recommendation committees, any project has the opportunity to become passive income. In theory, they can even become infinite.

What do we need to do to earn a commission? We invite others to join the program and let them use the service. In this case, the program is fautsy.com, and the service is to claim from their faucets and earn free bitcoin.

Like any other online program that provides membership or referral commissions, each member will receive a unique link with its ID attached to the link, called ref link. If someone clicks on this link and joins the program, they will become my recommender. If they use this service, please claim to faucy.com’s faucet function. I will earn 20% of their income as a commission.


Fautsy.com is one of the simple faucet programs supported by faucetpay.io as a micro wallet. According to the number of online days we see on their website, they have been out of service for more than 4 years.

Fautsy.com offers additional bitcoin bonuses, which we can get by visiting short links. The bonus will then be added to the next claim. Although they have existed for some time, the funds may still be exhausted, so we can’t claim at all. If this happens, it will be useless to try to get a bonus.

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Fautsy Review 2021 – Is it worth it?

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