Ethereum Clix Review 2021 – Is it worth it?

Ethereum Clix

I’m glad to see you the Ethereum Clix Review. The world of making money online is full of scams. It is almost impossible to find products that can really teach you how to make money.


If you are just starting to make money online, PTC websites are one of the fastest ways to start making money online. The problem is that they rarely pay enough money to worth your trouble.

However, if you want cryptocurrency to wet your feet, there are several PTC websites and so-called encryption faucets that let you earn encryption every day.

Ethereum Clix Pros and Cons

Ethereum Clix Pros

  • A wide variety of faucet coins (13 + 1)
  • The 24-hour claim plan is not suitable for 24-7 people. I can finish it easily after work
  • All faucet coins have a built-in betting function, which means that your coins can generate their own betting reward – which may be the first step in passive income – at no additional cost
  • As you can see, the return on investment of my trbo coin in the betting mode is about 50%, which is not bad at all!

Ethereum Clix Cons

  • High betting requirements for bonuses

Ethereum Clix Overview


The slogan of Ethereum is Ethereum pay per click service. A pay per click program, people can earn some free and easy money by clicking and watching other users’ advertisements. Obviously, given how little effort has been made, this figure is not so large.

Ethereum is like bitcoin. According to the market value, Ethereum currently ranks second and bitcoin ranks first. Ethereum claims to be the first pay per click service to provide payment services through Ethereum.

I can’t find their personal data or official clues in the faucet center. If any of you find it, please share it with me in the comments section below. The website also provides a FAQ page, but I think some information is outdated. We can look at their blog and get some latest information. Link from the news menu a to the lower right corner of the forum.

How does Ethereum Clix work?

To use Ethereum Clix, you just need to create a free account and start making money. The basic way to make money through PTC website is to click on advertising.

You just click on an ad and it will take you to a target website. There will be a counter, usually a few seconds to a minute, and then you need to solve a simple verification code to earn payment. It’s that simple.

There is also a copy of clixgrid, a wealth game and various offerwalls in Ethereum Clix. They also provide you with the possibility of mining bitcoin through minergate service.

Is the Ethereum scam legit or a scam?

So is Ethereum Clix legal or a scam? Ethereum Clix is definitely not a hoax. It has existed for more than a year, so there are quite a lot of user data to prove that they are paying income to users.

Crypto clicks is running evolutionscript and they have a legal license. You’ll be surprised how many cloned PTC sites actually run on pirated licenses. So this is definitely another sign of the legitimacy of Ethereum Clix.

Ethereum Clix is just another evolutionscript PTC website, and they have just chosen to pay by encryption. When you think about how a business model works, it’s actually a pretty bad platform for scams.

Swindlers usually take your money and offer empty promises. With the PTC website, members can participate without paying. Unless they can send traffic and clicks to advertising, the website will not get any funds from advertisers.

Therefore, website owners rely on advertisers and members. If they take the advertiser’s money and don’t deliver it, they will lose their reputation immediately.

Another fact is that the score of Ethereum Clix in foxrating is 5.0, only 4.7. There are 284 comments, so I think this is a pretty good sample.

One star rating seems to focus on confusion with website rules. Simply put, people are banned because they don’t read or obey the rules. Administrators are actually very active and seem to be able to answer people’s questions, so this is definitely an advantage.

Therefore, if you absolutely want to use PTC website to earn a small amount of income, Ethereum Clix is definitely one of the legal websites. To sum up, I really can’t recommend Ethereum Clix as a business opportunity.

In fact, you can earn very little from PTC websites. The income potential is too small. You can earn a few cents per click on an advertisement. If you work efficiently, you can earn one or two dollars an hour.


The best way to make money with these systems is to recommend many people, but I can’t recommend them either, because the added value to users and advertisers is simply very small.

I prefer to spend my time on more valuable things, which may provide full-time income and more.

Main functions of Ethereum Clix

  • 1. Surfing advertising
  • 2. Assignment / offer
  • 3. Advertising
  • 4. Referral plan

Ethereum Clix registration


To register, we can use the link and click the black register button. Register your name, user name, email and password, check accept TOS, and then click create your account.

The website should send an activation link to the email we use, and we need to click it before we can log in. Just wait a few minutes, if we don’t get any, we can click the login button from the home page, which is a button to resend the activation email.

According to their terms page, we don’t allow multiple accounts. They just said that no member should or attempt to deceive. Usually through the use of robots or VPN.

There is a 60 day inactivity limit. After 60 days without any login, they will reset the balance and purchase balance, but we can keep the referral.

How to profit from Ethereum Clix?

In Ethereum Clix, you can earn cryptocurrency using Surfing ads, tasks / quotes, ads and recommenders.

1. Pay per click (surfing advertising)

Paid click or browsing advertising is the main profit function of Ethereum website. Generally speaking, if we click on the advertisement, watch the advertisement for a period of time and solve the verification code, we can get paid.

For, as users, we must remain active in advertising before we can start the countdown. If we just open the advertisement, then do other tasks and ignore the advertisement, we won’t get paid.

At present, we can see about 50 advertisements in ethereumclix every day. We can view and get paid again immediately after the reset time of 0:00 UTC, provided there are still some viewing points for the advertisement.

To get paid for watching ads, we can click the “Surfing ads” menu at the top of the website.

2. Assignment/offerethereum-clix-review-2021-legit-or-scam

This is another way to earn revenue from Offerwalls is actually another program. We browse from a host such as Ethereum as the main platform.

Each offer wall can provide certain tasks through which people can make money in ethereumclix. The task may be to do research, watch videos, test or install some mobile applications, join a program, or even another pay per click program.

The idea is that each program usually has its own currency, such as Szabo for, which can only be used for that program. Therefore, unlike creating another currency, offerwalls works with the host and pays in the host’s currency.

In this way, each member state can make money and withdraw money faster in one currency. As a third party, each offer has its own rules, such as how to complete the task, or how to get paid directly or through credit.

3. Advertising

Like other pay per click programs, advertising is actually the essence of such programs in ethereumclix. They published some advertisements and offered some remuneration in order to attract the audience.

Each program can choose to use a third-party service (such as advertising network) to process the advertising part, and the program can only become a publisher. But pay per click programs can also handle the advertising part.

4. Referral plan

No matter how hard we try to use this program, we actually get very little money from Ethereum or other pay per click programs. However, by providing recommendations or ancillary functions, any project may become passive income, or even unlimited income.

What we do is invite others to join the program. If these people use the services of the project, we can get some commission.

Take Ethereum website as an example, invite others to click on the advertisement and get paid. Basically, we get paid by helping others earn money. It’s actually a good idea.

Once we get a recommendation, we don’t have to be the people who do the work. This is just a recommendation. We can have an unlimited number of recommendations, in theory, unlimited income.

Ethereum Clix payment proof:

Minimum expenditure: 0.0035 ETH

Users need to have an Ethereum wallet to receive payment.

The website states that you can apply for payment without investment.


I hope you find my Ethereum Clix comments useful. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a message in the comments section below, and I will reply to you as soon as possible.

Ethereum Clix is another PTC website based on evolution script, but it has a lot of evidence to prove that it is a legitimate service in ethereumclix. Unfortunately, the profit potential is not higher than that of similar PTC websites.

That’s why I can’t recommend it as a business opportunity. If you want to make a lot of money online, I suggest you set up your own website / online business.

It takes time to get income from your business, so I suggest you find another source of income. For example, work from places such as textbroker or appen or online work.

However, if you start and continue to engage in online business immediately, you may achieve financial freedom in a few years. Therefore, please consider it in advance.

Ethereum Clix Review 2021 – Is it worth it?

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